Systems integration/consolidation


Today’s communication industry presents more challenges than ever before so ensuring your IT systems deliver a consistent customer experience across all touch-points is mandatory. Every component has to be in the right place, in full working order, and smoothly integrated with all the other system components.

Our system integration services have been developed to ensure that critical business goals are met

Assured customer experience: Inherent quality assurance throughout – from product design and development to integration, testing deployment and operations

Growth and profitability: We ensure the success of complex transformations based on our proven system integration track record, enabling you to launch new services and lines of business with rapid time to market

Cost efficiency: We help our customers cut system integration costs by 20-40% through our expertise in consolidations, workforce arbitration, multi-vendor ecosystem management, best practices, global presence and network of experts and tools (for automation, business process modeling, etc.).

  • Highly customized systems/interfaces
  • Built from scratch to uniquely address your business problem.
  • Interfaces to heterogeneous and disparate systems
  • Re-engineering, performance tuning and porting services
  • Implementation of packaged & off the shelf solution

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