naztech at Broadcast Bangladesh Fair 2016

naztech has  strongly participated at Broadcast Bangladesh Fair 2016 held at Lakeshore Hotel,  Gulshan-2, Dhaka, Bangladesh.At the fair naztech demonstrated its best in class computer and IT related products and services to its clients. Which includes SUPERMICRO server, naztech branded Mini and Smart PC, Remote surveillance system and Biometric access control systems. naztech brings digital revolution by its unmatched product lines with its competitors. naztech product line ranges from SuperMicro 3Userver, SuperMicro 4u Storage Server, SuperMicro High-end Workstation.

naztech also revolutionizes desktop computing by its powerful micro PC’s. naztech-smartClients have all the capabilities that a powerful desktop PC does. naztech also  provides Remote Serveillence System which are 10 times more effective than CCTV. Its Access control devices and IOT’s are the best in class in the market.

Key personnel of naztech which includes CEO Naz Ahmed, global COO Matlhew Crisp, Director Kaberi Mustafa along with other key officials were attended the fair and gives answers to the queries of the visitors. The fair emerges to be very successful event for naztech and got tremendous response from various prospective clients who visited the Broadcast Bangladesh fair 2016.