Client: New York based e-commerce company.


A New York based e-commerce company based on a drop-ship model started out with minimal investment in technology and process automation.  As its business grew it started hiring onshore and offshore developers to create pockets of automation, and overtime this resulted in a complex tangle of systems and inefficient process flows.

Once their products were advertised on Amazon, eBay and other online platforms, the order volumes literally went through the roof overnight.  More resources were hired to ‘process’ the orders manually, but this only added to the chaos as products were out of stock, orders were lost, wrong products were sent, products were sent out twice, or worse customers did not even receive the goods.  This ultimately resulted in dissatisfied customers, who often put bad reviews on Amazon and eBay, and also credit card chargebacks increased to an all-time high, which resulted in the merchant accounts being suspended.

The Client tried to solve the problem using several technology companies all of whom focused more on the front-end e-commerce platform and ignored the entire end-to-end process and the need for a streamlined solution.


When naztech was hired to ‘automate’ its back office, one of the first things we advised the client was that it would be wrong to simply ‘automate’ the current process as is, but rather take a step back to review the current process and figure out a more efficient process first and also place a greater emphasis on the people, process and technology mix.

naztech worked on two parallel streams.  Stream A, to deliver short-term fixes and automation for quick wins, and, Stream B, to build out the long-term strategic architecture solution.  Solutions in Stream A were to be designed with as much reuse as possible. Bi-directional omni-channel product, price & stock feeds were built such that all online sites and market place were in sync at all times, especially stock.

naztech developed a new modular web-based OMS (Order Management System) with multiple views such that it became the central system for all departments in the enterprise.  The OMS interfaced with all the various upstream, downstream and legacy systems and allowed a real time view of each and every order and its current status.  Dashboards and reports were built allowing management to rapidly act on data and facts.Teams were segregated with defined roles and responsibilities and the client was able to move away from the ‘everybody does everything’ approach, spurring division of labor and greater operational efficiency.

The naztech solution allowed the Client to enable efficient and systematic execution and management of its end-to-end operations and they stared growing again and winning back customer loyalty.

naztech is a trusted partner, providing deep expertise in custom application development, data engineering and business process outsourcing services to clients across multiple industries.

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