Global Treasury & Cash Management Solution

nSMART Global Treasury & Cash Management Solution

This is a fully automated and customizable advance cash management solution that provides transparent and simplified cash & liquidity management by leveraging new technologies and connectivity platforms. It breaks down the inter-department silos to provide a global enterprise wide tool to view, manage, track and analyze all cash-related activities intra-day on a truly Real Time basis.

Integrated Cash Management

A key goal of any Treasury Management desk is the efficient management of a firm’s capital by maximizing a firm’s liquidity and mitigating its operational, financial and reputational risk. Faced with reduced margins and eroding liquidity, banks are under ever-increasing pressure to find ways to better manage their cash positions. 
Automated Real Time cash management solutions allow for banks to reduce, and in most cases eliminate, time-consuming, redundant and repetitive error prone manual processes; consolidate Nostro accounts; and provide real-time information to rapidly identify long and short positions. 

  • Cash Visibility: Transparent and consolidated Real Time visibility of Cash Movements, Position and risk exposure, providing firms with the ability to make  smart and fast decisions regarding investment and funding.
  • Cash Forecasting: Accurate view of future funding requirements enabling firms to plan and manage future financial obligation.
  • Cash Mobility: Automated account sweeping, zero balance pooling and multilateral netting to boost liquidity and avoid expensive intra-day and overnight borrowing costs.

[email protected] Benefits

  • Cash Visibility: Consolidated Real Time visibility of a firm’s cash position & risk exposure enabling a more smart and efficient cash & liquidity management process.
  • Cash Forecasting: Real Time accurate calculation of current day and projected future cash flows, aggregated by currency, business unit & region providing support for rapid investment and funding decisions.
  • Automated Payment Processing: Centralized and configurable payment processing workflow to support high frequency payment initiation, approvals & release with full audit.
  • Multi System Integration: Ultra-fast connectivity to disparate heterogeneous upstream, downstream and/or peer system, in any format, over any protocol, in as real time as supported by these system(s). For example, Excel, Murex, Wall Street, Calypso, Principia, CDS, DTCC, EuroClear, FED, SWIFT and any most propriety system.
  • Auto Matching: Rules Based auto-matching of actual vs expected payments with fully auditable user over-rides
  • Reconciliation: Intra-day, end of day, multi-day & historic balance and transaction reconciliation with support for configurable user-defined rules.
  • Management & Monitoring: Flexible & proactive Monitoring & Alerting with configurable escalation rules.

Cash Pooling

Cash Pooling is a mechanism that allows the concentration of funds within several sub-accounts into a single Top Account. The top account holds the overall net cash position. The balances of the designated sub-accounts are automatically transferred to the top account at the end of each day. Any number of sub-accounts can be linked to the top account.

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