Business Process Outsourcing

Are you looking to transform your business process digitally ?

Business Process Outsourcing

Do you have business processes that are highly manual and time-consuming but are not mission-critical? Outsourcing and optimizing those processes to naztech will help you significantly reduce operating costs. naztech is a technology company at its core and we approach process projects with the goal of optimization through streamlining and automation. For those process steps that require human operators, we still deliver significant cost savings to our clients by using expert offshore resources.


Problem identification and analysis


End to End Systems Integration


Cloud based software development


Business workflow development


Extreme Programming methodology


Full life-cycle application development

Key Services

Manual and automated data entry & data processing for any type of forms, lists, surveys (e.g. customer, registration forms, surveys etc.)
Scanning, archiving and indexing of documents by search fields to enable ease of document search, storage, analysis and reporting
Custom / captive BPO process design, resource assignments, and operational execution with physical and network firewall segregations
Efficient and automated workflow to improve operational cycle times
Real time Dashboards for business insights and performance improvement
Direct data entry (manual or automated) into operational systems
Data validation and cleansing for business operations
Document, data and file conversion services across multiple formats

Why partner with naztech?



We specialize in data integration and data management with an unparalleled combination of SQL and NoSQL database skills, open source and enterprise applications as well as Cloud and on Premise platform experience.


90% of Analytics efforts are spent on acquiring, cleaning, transforming and integrating data. We take the burden of data integration off your hands so your team can accelerate business value by focusing on algorithms, predictive models, metrics, reports, dashboards and insights.


Multiple levels of security at employee, physical and network level, adheres to ISO 27001 standards and ensures HIPAA compliance and comprehensive data protection.



The combination of our global resource pools, streamlined processes and cutting-edge technology delivers high quality results at unbeatable costs.

naztech is a trusted partner, providing deep expertise in custom application development, data engineering and business process outsourcing services to clients across multiple industries.

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