Data Engineering

Good analytics needs good data.

Analysts rarely get nicely organized, high quality data with which to create amazing insights. 80% of the time and effort for building Analytics goes towards the less glamorous work of extracting, cleaning, organizing and connecting data. At naztech, we have a team of data engineering experts that free you up from this burden so you can focus on the Analytics to run, improve and win with your business.

Our Data Engineering Services:

• Advanced data analytics
• Web Scrapping & data streaming services
• Data mining services
• Data discovery & Data quality assessment
• Data maturity checks and standardization services
• Big Data Analytics for scalable and large volumes of web data
• Real-time and batch data processing
• Optimization of database and data warehouse platforms
• Agile and customer-oriented work process

Key Services

Data Profiling

Perform data profiling, cleansing and monitoring to ensure high quality data for critical decision-making, efficient and effective operations


Create comprehensive analytics data architecture that enable accelerated Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence solutions development

Data Integration

Build flexible, scalable data integration (ETL and ELT) and analytics data repositories (ODS, marts, warehouses, lakes, cubes, views etc.)


Implement encryption, data masking, role based-access and audit tracking to provide comprehensive data security & protection

Data Management

Offer full lifecycle data management including maintaining history, updates and expiration, archiving and restores