naztech iQ365 cloud gives you instant access
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What is iQ365 Cloud?

iQ365 is a cloud based software application platform that comes with users subscription model to access the services. The platform gives subscribers access to a collection of X series software solutions such as fintech, Digital document management, sanction screening, AML, ERP etc.

iQ365 Cloud contains more than 10+ essential business and financial software services and apps for Banking and Finance Sector, Front and Back Office Management, Digital Transformation, IOT, Data Analytics and Digital Document Management. Our cloud platform will integrate and automate essentials business process such as ERP, CRM, to collaborate with anyone, anywhere. Connect with our full suite of software services to grow, accelerate and move ahead your business.

iQ365 outline

iQ365 Cloud Solution

iQ365 Cloud unlocks
more potential in business.

Get connected with the essential application modules of naztech iQ365 Cloud and
enhance efficiency and productivity in your business.

Banking And Finance Solutions

Banking and Finance Solutions

Our iQ365 X series solutions get instant access to essential banking modules of sanction screening, eKYC, AML, Digital Loan Management, Swift Message Routing. Just select a subscription package and integrate with our cloud solutions to streamline process.
easy access

Fast and Easy Access

Increase your team’s productivity and get a fast and easy access to our iQ365 services by customizing only a few settings from anywhere of the world. Integrate any of our business solutions and instantly upgrade your computing capability. We'll provide full flexibility to customize the system for your company.

24 Hour Support

We are client centric. Our 24 hour online customer service enables you to get an instant solution in any of your queries or stuck situations. Boost your team’s productivity and get feedback faster from our online support stuffs. Just get connected and solve your problem using iQ365 cloud services. We'll be available to response on your queries.


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