The LMS (Loan Management System) app

Case Study: Financial Services

The LMS (Loan Management System) app

The LMS (Loan Management System) app is a fully mobile-based, affordable, easy to use, powerful software specifically designed for CBBL police employees. Includes Customer Loan Applications, Loan management, Track Previously Created Loans and advance search, OTP and event driven reminders, email statements and notices, incremental funding, conversation log, Track Customer data and much more.

CBBL has been issuing Visa Platinum & Visa Classic credit cards management web application since November 2019, developed by naztech Inc.  Credit Card application has make the card management easy for the Bank. naztech Inc  has developed the most secure Visa credit cards management application in the market. The application enables users to applying and issuing for new Credit Card and business level authorization and management. New Government backed Retail Bank with over 300,000 pre-existing clients, offering salary backed Loans by this software.


Key Features

  • Applying for Customer Loan.
  • Create new Loan application
  • Update /Submit Loan application
  • Multi-layer authorization for Approving Applying Loans
  • Filtering Loan Grid search Panel
  • Loan Grouping and bulk/memo approval
  • Loan approval status tree

Business Objective

  • Web / Tablet / Mobile based Loan Application with document upload facility
  • Ability to scan & send documents digitally
  • Intelligent Character Recognition – auto extracts key information from application form
  • RPA based bots for ID verification & credit checks
  • Rules based workflow for auto-loan approval
  • Automated workflow for Loan Approval Instant auto notification of loan application sta
  • Removal of manual data entry
  • Real Time Loan Tracking by clients
  • Configurable Rules Engine for Auto-Loan Approval and workflow routing
  • Fast Loan search and retrieval
  • Real Time KPI Dashboard

Business Benefits

  • Reduce current backlog of manual applications
  • Reduce overall Loan Processing time
  • Provide auto-loan approval for well-defined applications
  • Client visibility of Loan Application status
  • Digitize Document Archive