nSCREENING: Sanction Screening

Case Study: Financial Services

Screening Global Payments & Financial Transactions

naztech nScreening Sanction Screening solution minimizes the impact on your business processes with sophisticated, time-saving matching algorithms, intelligent automation workflows, robust management and audit controls, and expert-level content. Complying with new Central Bank Regulations required all Member Banks to implement Automated Sanction Screening for New Accounts & all international payments.

Global Payments & Financial Transactions
Screening Global Payments & Financial Transactions

A comprehensive set of sanction screening features ensures you get the right fit, integrating AML and Central Bank compliance seamlessly with your existing business processes and systems. Your financial data will stay compliant and on top of the latest regulatory changes without needless impact on your front- or back-office operations.

Key Features

  • API First integration with CBS (Core Banking System), SWIFT & Remittance Management system
  • Data normalization of heterogeneous data sources
  • Ultra-fast indexing and Fuzzy logic search service
  • Automated routing, approval and authorization workflow rules engine
  • Custom White/Blacklist definitions

Business Objectives

  • Provide affordable Blacklist checks for new customer accounts
  • Scheduled re-checks for existing accounts
  • Inbound/outbound international payments
  • Inbound Remittance
  • Gracefully Handle typos & transpositions errors
  • Audit Trail & Reporting of all match & non-matches

Results and Benefits

  • Fully legal & regulatory compliance with Bangladesh Bank
  • Seamless integration of Sanction Screening engine with all core systems
  • Easy workflow management of Blacklist ‘hits’
  • Audit Trail and transparent reporting for Central Bank Enquiries
  • Real Time KPI Dashboard – assisting workflows
  • Pre-notification of SLA(Service Level Agreement) deadlines
  • Notification of missed SLAs