nSMS: Ultra-Fast & Reliable Bulk SMS Platform

Case Study: Financial Services

Reliable Bulk SMS Platform

nSMS is a fully-featured corporate bulk SMS Software designed to serve commercial banks, financial institutions, SMEs, startups, media/advertising agencies, and marketing providers. nSMS can be connected with the Core Banking System. nSMS has been successfully deployed in Mercantile Bank, ICB Islamic Bank, CBBL(Community Bank Bangladesh Limited), and many local financial institutions of Bangladesh to solve everyday banking & transaction notifications:

Ultra-Fast & Reliable Bulk SMS
Ultra-Fast & Reliable Bulk SMS

Key Features

  • Everyday Customer Transaction confirmations
  • Sending Authentication OTP, validation codes
  • Checking account balance details through SMS banking
  • Payment updates notifications by automated text alerts

Business Objectives

  • Due to being cost-effective, simple to set up, and easy to use, Bulk SMS is becoming one of the most frequent methods of communication
  • Provide instant messaging services with the corporate client base.
  • Instant Impact from customer.
  • High Open Rate of sending SMS.
  • Customizable Company Product and Service Campaigns.
  • High Conversion Rate than Email Message.
  • Few Barriers to deliver the message.
  • Minimal Effort Required from Recipients to view the message.
  • Cost-Effective.


  • SMS messaging is highly reliable.
  • Ultra-Fast & Reliable Bulk SMS platform powered by naztech Inc
  • Most people respond to a text within 90 seconds
  • SMS messages are in a concise, easy-to-read way
  • Full legal & regulatory compliance
  • Real Time messaging and response.
  • Higher response rate than with any other marketing strategy with SMS.
  • Dashboard driven
  • Real Time notification to both sender and receiver
  • Any time messaging service