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naztech is an award winning company of technology, data and business process specialists.

Our overarching mission is to help our customers win with data, technology and streamlined processes.


Need to transform your business with new technology?

We create custom applications on a foundation of industry best practices, tailored to meet your unique needs.

Need better analytics?

We design and deliver fast, flexible, scalable data platforms to deliver insights.

Need to run operations more efficiently and improve your bottom line?

We drive down your costs through process outsourcing and cutting-edge automation.

What We Do

naztech is a trusted partner, providing deep expertise in custom application development, data engineering and business process optimization services to clients across multiple industries and geographical locations including North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.


Our Services

Applications Development

We build end-to-end, fully integrated, scalable and flexible cloud-ready systems using design-thinking, rapid application development techniques and micro-services architecture for re-usability and efficiency read more

Data Engineering

We build the underlying data architectures that support all your Analytics needs – Business Intelligence to run and improve the business, Predictive Analytics to fuel proactive decision-making and drive competitive read more

Business Process Outsourcing

Businesses have to be as efficient as possible. We deliver 30 to 50% savings to our customers’ bottom-line results through a combination of process outsourcing and automation read more

Our Valued Clients

Why Our Clients Choose Us



Our highly skilled and talented resources become an extension of your team and we can scale up quickly as your business grows.



Our data entry processes have built in data validation and error handling controls, ensuring 99%+ data processing accuracy and peace of mind.



We streamline and automate non mission-critical business processes, allowing you to focus on building & improving your core business.settings.



The combination of our global resource pools, streamlined processes and cutting-edge technology delivers high quality results at unbeatable costs.



We take the burden of data integration off your hands so you can accelerate insights through Business Intelligence &  Analyticssettings.



Multiple levels of security at employee, physical and network level, adheres to ISO 27001 standards and ensures comprehensive data protection.

With naztech, the feeling is that we can do anything. They take us through the requirements, distill them into plain English, set our expectations, and work with us to deliver, overcoming any obstacle that is thrown at them. What mattered the most to us and made the biggest impact was that they delivered exactly what they had promised. They actually understood what we wanted to do! Their service is completely second to none and they are one of the very few companies that go above and beyond what is expected of them. They tell you how it’s going to be, and they strive to make that happen.
Technology projects by nature are complicated and contain a lot of unknowns. Things can and do go wrong but what we like about naztech is how upfront and transparent they are and how they work tirelessly through any problems and get back on track.


Kamran Karkel

Planet Solutions


We initially chose naztech to outsource and optimize our own internal processes on a no-obligation trial. To be honest, we were skeptical and thought the technical solution they were proposing was pie in the sky and far too optimistic. Much to our surprise, they delivered a proof of concept that actually opened our thinking as to what else we can automate.

We have gone from being skeptical about automation to pushing their (technical) services as part of our offering.


Andy Gurung

AGP Charted Accountants

I have known Naz & naztech for many years, especially their ability to solve deep-rooted, complex, technical problems. Although we have our own in-house development team, we use naztech as an extension of our team and quite frankly for anything that is too tech-heavy for us. Their team has a deep skill set that covers all our engineering needs.
I've been impressed by their willingness to do right by us and our customers.


Matt Crisp


naztech took over the software development when the previous company failed to deliver. We had a very tight deadline and were literally out of budget. naztech stepped in, took control of the project and it was clear that the team was technically competent and knew what they were doing. For whatever problem we had, they always came up with a resolution. Their upfront ability to quickly understand our business was what impressed us the most.
It was clear we were working with an incredibly collaborative and engaging team that was very organized without being overly rigid. It felt like they were an extension of our team and not a vendor. They were with us, day and night working through each and every issue until we went live.
Since then naztech has become our technology partner of choice, and we can proudly say that they are our first port of call and have become an integral part of our business.


Yidi Hershkowitz

Managing Director, COO

The naztech team is remarkably easy to work with, they are eager to deliver, they are flexible, and are always available to accommodate our questions and needs. They did not merely distill our requirements and produce code; they clearly thought through our needs, anticipated certain requirements, and put in place solutions that satisfied the requirements that we specified and addressed requirements that we should have requested.

We made a sound decision engaging naztech. We would certainly make that same decision had we to do it again. Given our projected future requirements, I do not doubt that we will leverage their capabilities in the future.


Jeffrey B. Weinstock

Managing Director, Head of Operations
Dexia Financial Products Services

Awards & Recognitions 

Selected by Accelerance as being among the top software outsourcing companies in South East Asia

Selected by Boston Consulting Group as being among the top technology development companies in South East Asia

Featured in HFS Research as leading Bangladesh Digital Ecosystem in Emerging Tech

Recognized as one of the 50 fastest growing companies by Silicon Review, USA

Shortlisted in the 50 most promising FinTech companies, by CIO Review, USA

Selected as one of the 100 most innovative companies by CIO Review, USA

Our Technology Partners

naztech is a trusted partner, providing deep expertise in custom application development, data engineering and business process outsourcing services to clients across multiple industries.

US : +1 (469) 223-9013
Email: [email protected]


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